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I have been a Cub Scout Den Leader since 9/04, Cubmaster since 2/07. I have also been a Boy Scout Troop Committee Member and Merit Badge Counselor since 2/08, changing to an Assistant Scoutmaster in June of 2011. Since spring of 2010, I have also been the Lighthouse District Cub Scout Program director, in charge of planning district-wide events. I have three boys -- Peter is a First Class Boy Scout, Nathan is a Tenderfoot, and Nick is working toward the Webelos rank. If you like this blog, please be nice and click a link.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Neckerchief Slides (aka "Woggles")

Neckerchief slides, those metal things that keep your neckerchief in place (but tend to fall off of active little boys), are known as "woggles" in other countries. Most people think that you have to wear the specific neckerchief slide for your rank. That's not true. You can make any sort of slide you want. In the accompanying picture, you can see several different slides that I and my sons have made. You can take almost any item and attach it to a small ring cut from a piece of 1/2" PVC piping, which is available in 6' lengths for about $2. At that price, you can easily make this into a pack activity. There are also kits for carving a slide from wood or stamping designs into leather. I have also made some from beads, a slice of wood from a branch, laminated paper, and colored pieces of foam. I will go into specific details of making a neckerchief slide in a future post.

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